In His Hands Pregnancy Support Center  

Loving, Caring, and Helping without Judging. 

You are NOT alone!

Providing Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

     At In His Hands Pregnancy Support Center we listen, we understand, and we can help.  We're someone you can talk to, someone you can trust, someone who will provide the emotional support and the assistance you will need during a difficult time.

     Each woman's situation is unique, and her choices may be different from yours.  Helping you find the right decision is what In His Hands Pregnancy Support Center is all about.

     We are here to make sure women like you have support as you face the crucial decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy.  Believing the best choice is an informed one; we educate and counsel women on the emotional, practical, and spiritual aspects of each alternative.

     Only you can make this vital decision.  You will live with your choice...the rest of your life.